Do you go mushroom hunting?

Angela asked:
Do you go mushroom hunting?

Hello Angela!

My grandfather was born in a small village. He knew how to pick up mushrooms (and not to destroy roots), he could say if this exact mushroom is eatable or fake one. I remember having several books on mushrooms. He took me to the forest and we hunted for mushrooms together but I was more worried about mosquitoes and spiders than mushrooms. Then he stopped to ask me and went by himself.

People from older generations know how to choose eatable mushrooms and cook them proudly. Youngsters prefer to buy salted mushrooms in the supermarket. Yet if you have the chance to try those picked by hand, choose them. Definitely better.

Many people choose to buy fresh champignon mushrooms over forest ones.

You can buy them throughout all year and eat even fresh (add to your green salad, for example) without fear of poisoning. No need to hunt them down; I think they’ve been nurtured artificially.

But it's a special pleasure to stop by the subway exit and to buy some hand-picked forest mushrooms from some babooshka who lives on money gathered by flowers and mushrooms she unofficially sells.

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