Flood signs

More than 300 years have gone since St. Petersburg was founded, and more than 300 floods happened in the city. Snow melted, river was overflowing - and many times in pasr city was covered with water.

Nowadays you can still spot some of the flood signs which say to which height water have been rising and when. It's a bit of time machine. You walk from Starbucks with an iPhone in your hand... and boom! You're two centuries ago. Nearly drowning.


  1. Привет! Интересный блог! Где можно найти эти знаки наводнения? Спиасибо - Джордж из Англии (в Питере)

  2. Спасибо, Джордж! :)

    Например, вот довольно подробный список табличек: http://www.nevariver.ru/flood_mem.php