Sushka is not a booblik

Wikipedia says that "Booblik is a traditional Eastern European bread roll.

It is very similar to a bagel, but somewhat bigger and has a wider hole. Bubliks often also have a much denser and 'chewier' texture than bagels. The bublik is acknowledged to be the progenitor of the bagel."

Also it says that sushka is the sister of the booblik. Which I doubt very much.

Take a look at sushka yourself:

It's small, crunchy and light in weight. You can eat it and crackle to the point where your coworkers hate the sound.

Or, you can brew hot sweet tea and throw it to the cup as my granny did. Sushka turns big and soft, so easy to eat when you so not have your teeth anymore (speaking of grannies).


  1. well, "similar to a bagel" is too strong in my humble opinion. they are the same shape. bagels are a very special yeast-based dough that rises a few times, is boiled, and then baked - this creates the very specific crust outside and the chewy inside. boobliki are more like round dry crackers - a very different dough and cooking process. but everywhere in the USA there are terrible bagels that are dry, and tasteless - real bagels are hard t find.

  2. I think you will enjoy this -

    1. Especially that part where he makes them so fast! I love documentaries.