Do you enjoy Wait But Why blog? Because I do.

And because the author have been in Russia:
The view from the other side? Cool!
Wait But Why author shared his feelings about his visit to Russia:

A lot of cars have the steering wheel on the right side even though they drive on the right side of the road. Odd.

They don’t call it World War II, they call it The Great Patriotic War, and only talk about the 1941-1945 part of it. And most places I went to had a memorial dedicated to it. Which makes sense, given that over 20 million Soviets died in the war.

Siberia is real. I spent over half of the trip in Siberia, including taking the Trans-Siberian Railway 64 hours from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk (I highly recommend this, btw). 

Siberia makes up 77% of Russia—everything but the westernmost quarter of the country—and Siberia alone would be by far the biggest country in the world if it were severed from Western Russia.

There’s no fact about Russian history that I enjoy more than that the succulent St. Basil’s Cathedral… was ordered for construction under the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Who knows what his actual feelings were about things, but I prefer to imagine him being a widely feared man who was obsessed with rainbows and colorful swirlies and anyone who ever laughed at him about this was promptly beheaded.

You know what’s remote? Here.


  1. Found a reference you might like to know about: from the New England Historic Genealogical Society,
    Diary of Life in Soviet Work Camp Online
    The teenage diary of Elizabeth Frankowski, documenting life in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia more than 70 years ago, is now available for the public to read, thanks to a digital preservation project by the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

    1. Thank you Anne! Will post it on the blog and read myself.