Why does everyone have dashcams in their cars?

Gil from Boston asked:
I see a lot of dashcam videos from Russia where people get into fights over driving incidents. Is this as common as it seems to be? And why does everyone have dashcams in their cars? I think here it's a lot more rare.

Hello Gil!

Actually this is not the «silly» question as you’ve said, it’s the sad one.

When digital photos and cell phones came to Russian mass market, many geeks tried to make use of new technologies. Some of them installed into their cars these tiny cameras infinitely working and recording videos. Dashcams.

Then it started spreading. Any conscious driver would buy it and use, be it old Russian semi-broken car or new motorcycle (bikers keep dishpans on their helmets). Why? Because it is the only way to save yourself from fraud fine, lawsuit or even worse.

Wikipedia tells us «Dashcams are widespread in Russia as a form of sousveillance, additional evidence in court, and as a guard against police corruption and insurance fraud». This is true. If your cheap and old car comes close to new shiny one, who will believe you didn’t break any rules? Policemen believe those who know someone who know someone who know someone. Your dashcam is the only way to prove you didn’t do anything wrong.

While there are so many dashcams running all around the clock, sure thing there could be many weird, funny and unusual things noticed, recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

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