What is the most amazing natural object in Russia?

Todd from Portland, Oregon asked me:
What is the most amazing natural object in Russia - mountain, river, tree, etc?
And what makes it amazing? What makes it something that people talk about?

Hello Todd!

It’s so hard to choose one. I managed to do it anyway. I’m strong.
Although I’m not a big hiking enthusiast, I'd sure visit this spot myself.

Lake Baikal is included into UNESCO World Heritage list as «the oldest (25 million years) and deepest (1,700 m) lake in the world».

They also state that «It contains 20% of the world's total unfrozen freshwater reserve. Known as the 'Galapagos of Russia', its age and isolation have produced one of the world's richest and most unusual freshwater faunas, which is of exceptional value to evolutionary science».

It’s ocean-like lake, in many ways untouched and almost magically beautiful. When a person uses their vacation time to go to Baikal lake (instead of frying in five-stars all-inclusive Turkish or Egyptian hotel which is more common) you know it’s a special person. Maybe they will tell you a story about Buryat people.

A lot of official info lays open in Wikipedia. Also I’ve already posted this infographic video.

I guess many Trans-Siberian tourists stop to visit this lake.
Here it is on the map:

Thanks for the question, Todd!

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