On understanding Russians

Hello guys!

I'd like to write more here so I found a way to get the inspiration.

I enrolled in a MOOC held by a Russian university for anyone interested in Russia and Russians. How we think and why do we think this way, Mira Bergelson will tell us through upcoming weeks. And maybe I'll also find some new topics to ramble on.

The course is called Understanding Russians: Contexts of Intercultural Communication, it's online and free so you could join, too. Maybe I'd still recommend to read the CultureShock!Russia book instead if you need practical information, but MOOC is useful.

This is just one screenshot:

I must say that Mira's approach is quite academic, so I instantly remembered years of my higher education when teacher speaks and speaks and speaks... without any interaction with people listening... and everyone who survives not only gets to know the matter but also has the strongest ability to concentrate on one topic for a long time.

What's more interesting than lectures? The crowd which came to listen to the course. I've had a glimpse of its diversity at the forum (you probably need to register in order to make this link work). People of all age and nationality, foreigners from any country, Russians from Russia, Russians from other countries, wives and husbands of Russian people trying to understand their spouses better... I want to hear all of their stories so I'm refreshing forum page several times a day. Hopefully it will grow ten times wider and deeper during the course.

I just love the topic of intercultural communication.

Oh, by the way, I've recently built my portfolio in English so you could take a look if you want me to work with you. Or maybe to know me better, both causes are nice.

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