In the search for that unique Soviet atmosphere

I know some tourists come to Russia looking for the time that have past.

Just like those guys who come to Cuba in the memory of Che Guevara (I admit being one of them). Or those who visit East Side Gallery in Berlin (that would be fake remains of the famous Berlin wall). Me again.

So I'd like to show you searchers for the past where you can still breath the air of USSR and see some interiors that our grandmothers live in.

Meet my top two St. Pete picks from full list of USSR-friendly venues:

Pyshechnaya (Doughnut joint)

Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya ulitsa, 25

The most Soviet place haven't changed in many decades. Maybe they only started selling Coke, but that would be it. The doughnuts are the same I ate 20 years ago. Paper towels on the table are still not made from paper, but from some cheap material that doesn't help cleaning hands. Prices are low. Food is not healthy. People bring kids to show "how it all was". Nostalgic chic.

Here you can:
  • stand in a real Russian (sorry, Soviet) queue
  • eat only doughnuts 
  • feel the vibe

"Producty" (GroceryStore bar)

Saint Petersburg, Naberezhnaya reki Fontanki, 17

This bar is officially the smallest in St. Pete. Owners wanted to make it very DDR-like (Soviet Germany), so they brought typical things here. Well, it feels the same USSR. And they have exclusive Wurlitzer vinyl jukebox (tokens are sold at the bar).

Here you can:
  • get some nice alcohol (two previous spots do not have any)
  • ask for a sandwich
  • watch young locals having fun
  • walk around Fontanka river afterwards

Have a nice atmosphere-catching time!

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