Painted all the school inside

Russian media tells a story about Valeriy Khramov who painted all the school #168 interiors.

Valeriy is 90. He lives in Yekaterinburg and used to be art teacher for twenty-five years. Now he is a guard there (common practice: ex-actress becomes cloak-room attendant at the theater etc) but never stops thinking of beauty, art and what children need to be taught. Now he's quitting this job and no one will take care of paintings which means they could be lost when paint will fade out.

Valeriy thought all the paintings through: one floor is dedicated to architecture (Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, St. Basil's Cathedral), another is for geography, third one shows folk tales heroes.

Some children tell him "you're bad at painting". Valeriy tells them that painting is not everything, you have to think through ideas, connections between stories. All his paintings have stories inside, all the heroes have names and specific meanings in the interior: folk tales part, for example, sits near elementary school section.

More pictures here.

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