When you think of Russia and what you love about it, what comes to mind?

Jonte asked:
When you think of Russia and what you love about it, what comes to mind?

Hello Jonte!

I was sure I’d start with books and literature, but the first thought I had was «nature».

It’s strange because I was born in one city and live in another now; there is no real nature in my life. I think it’s about more subtle things that touch me: jasmine bush next to my apartment block, maple leaves behind the window marking summer on the ceiling with their shadows when I wake up, small park I’m entering on my way to subway.

I really like trees we have here and grass, and flowers and lakes. They are gorgeous.

Now, about literature. I’m grateful all right there are so many books in Russian already written and will be even more soon. Most of my favorites have not been translated into English but anyway I want to tell you how good they are. I think I’m built from books inside.

Also I like the generous side of Russians. Some people here could be easily led by TV propaganda, or hate people who is different, but when you get close to them, they are amazingly soft from inside. They have stories, beautiful and ugly ones. They want so much to be loved, mentioned, embraced, noticed. They feed and adopt street cats and dogs. They help others and the more help comes from those who seem to have nothing themselves. You cannot avoid eating or at least drinking tea/coffee if you drop to your friend’s’ house. You can tell what is wrong and they will listen.

This is what I love the most about Russia.

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