Are there young people in Russia who want to farm and raise animals?

Anne from Alaska asked:
Do Russians 'farm' fish? ( we don't in Alaska, but it is common in Chile)

Are there young people who want to farm and raise animals?

Yes and yes. They totally do.

The problem is that people who’d like to live close to nature are not so likely to spend time on blogging. I’ve never encountered one of young farmers myself (only in Asia). But I found these two examples by googling:

1. Senoval hostel

They have farm hostel on AirBnb website.
This is how owner describes his venue:
This is a small family owned farm (4 ha or 10 acres) located in an ecovillage. You can stay in a tent (bring it in), or sleep on the senoval (hayloft). Around are forests, lakes, fresh air, a small tree plantation and two kozas.

We took the area of 5 abandoned villages and are building an ecovillage on it. Our family moved in in 2012, so we're a pretty young farm, but we're growing stable, thanks to the volunteers who help us.

Near us is a lake (about 500 meters away), Sebezhsky national park (4 km) with lots of other lakes and forests, borders with Belarus and Latvia.

Our farm is open for exploration, as long as you don't do damage.

We're 4 km away from the A117 route which connects Polotsk (BY) to Opochka (RU). You can get by on a bus (from Minsk, Polotsk, St.Petersburg), or a taxi from Sebezh. We have parking slots.

First night is usually free. We also have an optional long term free (money wise) placing and food, in exchange for up to 4 hours of work per day: feeding animals, picking herbs, harvesting firewood, etc. Funny and not hard. WWOOF and helpx like.

We usually have kasha for breakfast, other food includes home made tasty bread, frequently borsch, raw cow/goat milk and fresh chicken eggs, kvas and home grown vegetables are available during summer time. Unusual food like ribwort kotletkas is sometimes available. And we're open for ideas.

We have an outdoor fireplace, where we often chat until after midnight. No city lights for miles around make it a good place to look for constellations and spot satellites.

Vladimir worked previously as a developer in IT-company but decided to live differently. His wife agreed.

They don’t raise animals to eat as they’re vegetarians but they live like farmers do. They grow and sell small trees.

More pictures could be found in their blog.

2. Dog stuff

This instagram account holds many pictures of Jack Russell dogs living happily in the village.

Eugene got his first Jack Russell six years ago.

That dog ate all the dog stuff Eugene bought for it, including things that should last for years. Then Eugene decided to build stove-bench which would not be eaten. It turned out to be a business for which he had to move out of Moscow. Now he lives in the village and works on many things dog owners would be interested in. Now Eugene has helpers and some animals, including goats.

Their Facebook page is here
Some more pictures here

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