Are there Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in small cities?

Anne from Alaska asked:
Are there Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in small cities?
Hello Anne!

On their Russian website I've found this map. According to which I can say "there are few but only in cities, not towns". As Russian Wikipedia states, there are more than 300 KFC's in Russia but we see here mostly they are based in Moscow (172) and St. Pete (62).

KFC is seen as "student food joint". It's cheap, has free toilets and simple food. Though it's not usual to tell your colleagues you went to KFC because it could be seen like guilty pleasure (low prices, food quality, fast food in general). Sometimes I eat french fries from KFC walking in the city.

There always are McDonalds, Burger King, Hesburger, KFC and other fast food joints in any mall in a big city. There are some Russian fast food chains, also, like Teremok.

KFC has unusual brand history in Russia ans ex-USSR.

First, in 1993 KFC came to Russia and started business with local Rosinter company. In the same time McDonalds came. Because of Rosinter, the name "Rostik's" was chosen for the chain in Russia.

But five years later, KFC backed off from Russian market.
Rosinter kept working under Rostik's name.

It was 2005 when KFC returned. They signed new papers, and weird "Rostik's/KFC" brand was born. In 2011 all venture was bought by KFC and repainted. Since then, it has grown twice from 150 venues.

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