There are stamp collections and book collections

And here is someone who collects Soviet books published in English:

My name is Philip Dion, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and yes, I collect Soviet Books. Books published in the Soviet Union in English for export to the English speaking world. 
I’ve been doing so for about ten years, and now have a collection I am proud to share with anyone who is interested enough to type ‘Soviet Books’ into the Google. I started out stalking the shelves of thrift stores and neglected used book stores in any city I might visit. Lately I’ve graduated to having booksellers buy collections for me knowing that I’ll buy them, and the occasional mass buy on Abebooks or Ebay. 
Soviet books have a particular look that I have developed an instinct for, and I’m able to spot them on a crowded shelf of Sally Ann flotsam. Some of these books have extraordinary cover designs, and a selection of these can be seen in the ‘design’ section of this blog.

I personally think it's pretty amazing.

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