"Moscow is not equal to Russia"

These are exact words I say so many times a year.

Being born and raised in Moscow, I thought this is the center of the world. At least the center of Russia. Thus, Moscow should be the essence of everything Russia has. Small copy.

But it's wrong. I've learnt it by traveling, by living in St. Pete for 8 years now (which is not Russia, either). You cannot judge my country by its capital at all.

So I suggest you take a look at three photo projects (thanks to tut design for the links). Pictures were taken in small towns. This is more like Russia.

1. After Penza-19 by Ksenia Yurkova

2. Russian Interior by Anastasia Tsayder

3. Village life by Olga Ivanova

These projects show vulnerable, real, unretouched Russia. Up to goosebumps. Welcome.

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