Radishcheva Street

Written for Spotted By Locals in Sp. Pete

Alexander Radishchev, whose surname was given to this street, was a writer and we Russians know him pretty well because of his ‘Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow’ book which we studied at school. I will not say this street is somehow related to the book but I really like its coziness and silence, especially on weekends. Someone will say Summer garden is a more appropriate place for nice Sunday walks but I do not agree. Do you need tourists on your way or beautiful 18/19th century buildings?
It unites two central spots: Vosstaniya square (Moskovsky railway station/subway station) and Chernyshevskaya subway station. One can easily walk through this street in about half an hour and the journey will be nice because there are a lot of beautiful buildings on both sides – and even this awesome Hermitage-looking green house in front of Radisheva street you see here on the picture.
Use your eyes. Welcome to the world of people who walk.

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