Alcohol map of kitay-gorod

I've posted works of Katya Guschina in this blog earlier. Remember her Transsib drawings?

Now she went further:
this semester in my university had a special theme. we had to create a brand for moscow. my interest in maps and alcohol (dangerous) led me to this project. i knew from my friends that the kitay-gorod area is full of bars and restaurants, so the choice wasn't hard.

the map includes several types of information: from advices by experienced people and recommended places for visiting to phrases heard on the street and suitable drinks.

the naming "blue moscow" comes from the russian tradition to call a very drunk person "blue". that's why blue is the main colour there.

I made the guide in addition to the map. It has three routes: cheap, expensive and "get drunk fast" one. On the other side there is variety of benches where you could sleep until the underground opens.

have a light hangover!

More pictures on the project page:

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