When you travel away from Russia what do you miss the most?

Violette asked:
When you travel away from Russia what do you miss the most about your home country? I am interested because I have just moved from Australia to London and its the less obvious things that I miss about home.

Hello Violette!

I’ve traveled to Asia for 6 months with my gf; that was the longest trip I’ve taken so far.
Before I decided to go I was worried that I’d miss Russian language around, or ability to buy Russian paper books. I was also afraid to miss my friends and mom.

It turned out all wrong. I didn’t miss any of that. Friends lived next door, mom came visit.
It was also so relieving to get time and space free of previous life!

I felt the same moving from Moscow to St. Pete 8 years ago, leaving all of childish and students’ life behind. All those objects from past, so good to leave them behind. Life feels much fresher.

But what then I missed in Asia being away from motherland?

Old movies.
We watched a lot because we really missed them. Good thing there are many old Soviet movies with English subtitles (see CC label) on official Mosfilm YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/mosfilm/videos?sort=da&view=0&flow=list

Food featured in old movies.
Seriously, I started starving without special sausages. Pickled fish, too.

Real clothes.
In Asia we were wearing only summer clothes. Sometimes I thought I have nice jeans at home and some day I will wear them, too. In a place where it’s not so hot.

Cultural life.
There are a lot of activities in St. Pete. Starting from cinemas and fancy cafes — to book reading meetings and watercolor workshops. It’s so easy to do all this in your mother tongue.

We adopted a cat later. And now I guess I'd miss her the most. She cannot fly oceans like mom just to see me.

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