Russian healthcare system and medical workers?

Jonte asked:
What has your experience been like with the Russian healthcare system and medical workers?

Hello Jonte!

I have to start with a personal story. All of my life I’ve been terrified of several things (including cockroaches). One of them was appendicitis. I knew I’d have it some time for sure. My mom had it and grandfather did. Certain probability. I hoped I’d get general anaesthetic and will sleep through. Little did I know that getting over general anaesthetic is much harder than anything else.

It happened when I worked full time for a nice company so I had full insurance. Meaning I went to the same hospital as other people. But I got a room for two, me and another, female patients, not 14 as others did (using free hospital care Soviet citizens were so happy about).

Food was awful. Doctors were amazing. Caring and serious. I was happy to have them. The whole appendicitis thing was dreadful as I've thought it would, I've been taken care of.

Though there are some lame doctors (my grandfather had saccharine diabetes (is that the right name of the disease?) yet they discovered this only after he passed away — while he had full medical check every year), there are amazing ones. And if you have money to go to private hospital (as I did when freelanced without work insurance) — chances are you’ll get great care for your money.

I trust Russian doctors.

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