Are regional or indigenous languages still spoken in homes?

Anne from Alaska asked:
Are regional or indigenous languages still spoken in homes?
For sure they are. Russia holds together many regions, some of them have own languages which are used in everyday life. But most paperwork, interaction and cultural life are done in Russian as official language.

I'd like to share here one story about Mongolia. It's not quite Russia but it's close. Russian has been made compulsory subject in schools in 2007 (and it was compulsory till 1990). You can speak Russian in Mongolia and be understood. But it's totally different country.

One of my favorite Russian photographers, Sergey Maximishin, did a piece for "Russian Reporter" magazine about Ulan Bator city.

He wrote a story about Baska, ballerina from Ulan Bator.

She lives in a jurt outside the city with all of her relatives. She wishes to become a ballet dancer for real. There is no WC with running water in a jurt; there are small kids in her family she's helping.

More pictures could be found in Russian Reporter article here.

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