Bailarina's Instagram

Here in St. Pete, we have Vaganova Ballet Academy, famous place for white swans and other girls.

And one of the students holds an Instagram account which became pretty famous, too: 27k followers is quite a lot for a 14-year girl.

Instagram highlighted this account in a recent blogpost.

“There are difficult ballet positions, but actually, I think the movements that look the easiest are sometimes the hardest to make,” says 14-year-old Maria Khoreva (@marachok), who studies at The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg.

As Maria is in the ninth grade of high school and in the fifth grade of her ballet class, her average day is busy. “Usually I wake up at 8:00 AM and have my first high school class at 9:20 AM. Dance classes start after high school ends, and I practice two or more hours every day. The atmosphere of the Academy feels theatrical—there is a tornado of people in costumes, all rehearsing. After classes are over, I rehearse for performances that I’m in, and then I do my homework at home, also sometimes spending time practicing piano.”

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