Painters of ordinary St. Pete

You know Hermitage. Those paintings you see also in Prado, Louvre and many other places around the world.

But where to find paintings never been installed in a city museum? Where to find unfinished works, hidden in the artist's workshop before, never shown away? Where to see what real artists do right now and what they've done during USSR years while not painting for government? Where to understand what artists of St. Pete paint when they think about their beloved city or entire country?

I know right the place.
It's cozy cultural/art centre also. Many musical and creative things are being held there throughout the year (including Krugovorot clay show I've already told you about).

You get the atmosphere of the private gallery here, cheap entrance fee and even guided tour by staff inside. Free wi-fi and nice people included.
It's also a nice thing to do during rainy or snowy days.

This is it:

Now take a look at some pieces from the exhibition:

And this is my personal favorite:

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