Nasreddin in Russia newspaper

Olga Zhitlina and some other artists collaborated for a nice piece on working migrants in Moscow and/or Russia.

Olga Jitlina – art and editing
Anna Tereshkina – art and illustrations
Thomas Campbell – translations
Supported by the Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne
This newspaper recounts how Nasreddin Hodja, a folk character renowned for his wit and talent for getting out of difficult situations, and famed from Akşehir to the Pamirs, from Bukhara to the Balkans, went to work in Russia. Or rather, it recounts how we, a group of artists and migrant workers, looked for Nasreddin’s qualities in each other and ourselves.

There are three issues of 'Nasreddin in Russia' newspaper (Nasreddin means satirical Sufi) and all of them are bilingual.

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