The #CaspianChallenge

What a girl can do for charity reasons (and because she is tough and cool):
The Volga River, at 2300 miles long, is Europe’s longest river. At just over double the length of Britain, it is a very apt setting for a kayak challenge! The source to sea descent of this river will take me from the Valdai Hills north west of Moscow, through magnificent Russian countryside steeped in history, and across busy commercial waterways, before eventually leading out to the Caspian Sea.

I’ll be doing this trip solo and will be completely self-sufficient; carrying all of my own supplies for the duration of the trip and therefore I’ll be aiming to pack light! Nevertheless, I’ll be paddling for up to 12 hours a day and burning up to 5000 calories each day. I expect it to take me around 3 months to complete the epic journey.

It will be a huge test of endurance, both physical and mental, as I leave everything familiar behind to take on this enormous challenge. I’m really excited to experience the culture of Russia from a unique position as I navigate through its national river.

UPD And so it ended early. I don't quite understand what happened there but it's sad that something (someone?) Russian could ruin her trip.

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