Central Post Office

Written for Spotted By Locals in Sp. Pete

Some people say all the building numbers on the streets of St. Petersburg are counted from this spot. Though it’s not true (since 1834 the numbers start from the rivers and canals – with few exceptions), the whole idea is beautiful, as well as the building the story is about.
Before the times of emails, I used to keep a lot of paper correspondence and post offices were my favorite venues – back in those days, I lived in Moscow and knew its central post office. I found myself inside the main city post office because I had spare time before the concert nearby. I loved the whole space, including the glass roof and huge, slim columns as well as the absence of the crowd.

You can easily come to this office not for buying anything (yet you may want to shop for some nice post stamps); rather watching the high ceilings and old interior which is a bit brushed… There are also some wooden benches to give your legs a rest after a walk through our big city.
And it works 24 hours a day! Miracle.

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