Have you heard about the siege of Leningrad?

My city has not only beautiful memories but very tough and cruel too.

Once upon a time, when it was not St. Petersburg (Peter's the great city) but Leningrad (Lenin's city), german nazis tried to destroy it and succeed to cut the connections with the world. The winters were severe, about -34 Celsius, there were no food and hope. But in the qualities of the russian people are will to survive and ability to live through. So the siege lasted for 872 days, the city was partly destroyed, many died but enemies didn't get it.

If you are capable of reading more on the topic I redirect you to Wikipedia.

Even more, I tell you about Tanya, the girl who died of a hunger and her diary of siege which made me cry the day I found it in my school history books when I was 7.

Every year, on 9th of May, in the day of victory in World War II (we call it The Great Motherland War since it had huge impact on our country and we weren't conquered only because our grandfathers gave away their lives) the whole country remembers the disgust of being trapped into the war and hopes it will never happen again.

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