Vyborg (Viborg, Viipuri)

Last week-end my mom came to visit me and we went to the town of Vyborg.

The town itself is very nice, buildings are realy Scandinavian and everything is so slow there as if you were at the countryside and not in 2 hours train ride from St. Petersburg. Vyborg is situated between Russia and Finland and was once Swedish, then Finnish, then Russian land. People who live there generally are not the best species because there is few work to do so the brightest move to St. Petersburg (except for businessmen). Though when we went to jazz festival and organ concert we've seen some nice faces. Also there is situated big and beautiful parque Monrepo (from mon repos - my pleasure/leisure) where we did spend a fair half of the Saturday resting near the water.

My spanish friend Carlos (hi Carlos!) asked me to put some photos from Viborg on my blog and I thought really, maybe one of you would like to visit the town some day.

It's easy to come there from Finlyandsky railway station (metro station Ploschad' Lenina, the red line at the metro map), the road takes 1.5 - 2 hours and costs about 250 rubles. There are buses from Parnas metro station but it's so far away and they can run out of tickets so you'd better use the railroad. The problem is to book a hotel because not all of them are on booking.com and others do not know yet about booking online but you can always come for one day only.

More photos inside (or see everything on Facebook)!

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