My first blogger prize: Liebster Award

Two days ago I've got an unusual award.
Liebster Award.

You may be wondering what is this all about. The award aims to put in the spotlight travel bloggers who, in your opinion, should be getting more recognition (liebster means “dearest” or “beloved” in German). It’s also a great way for your followers to find out more about you, as well as build relationships with some of your favorite bloggers.

Here are the rules: 
once you’re nominated, you must answer 10 questions, then nominate 10 other travel bloggers and ask them 10 questions of your own.

I was nominated by Kavitha who loves to travel, do yoga in places she travels to and participate in amazing things.

Thanks Kavitha! You can read my answers now :)
I'll post some of my Instagram photos to illustrate them.

1. If you could travel to an exotic location with one of your favorite people, who would it be and why?

Let's start with the definition of 'exotic'.
I think exotic for me will be far-and-hard-to-reach. Then Latin America. Maybe Valparaiso (because of Diarios de Motocicleta by Ernesto Guevara)... or Peru with Machu Picchu.

My favorite travel companion is for sure my girlfriend. We've traveled half a year through Asia and will certainly travel more together.

2. What are your tips for first-time travelers?

Do not try. see everything. be original and pretentious. have most amazing photos. become an expert right away

Travel for inspiration. Travel for yourself. Travel for better understanding.

3. Which country would you choose to live in (besides your own country) and why?

Something Spanish-speaking because ay que cada dia algo me duele por no hablar en mi lengua favorita!

4. Beach, city, village or mountains – which do you prefer to visit?

City, for sure.
I was born in Moscow, the biggest Russian city, and I got used to sounds, crowd, facilities and city people in general.

5. What is the one thing you wish tourists wouldn’t do when visiting a foreign country?

I wish Russian tourists would not be ashamed of their bad English and would have spoken more. Because the only way to improve something is to use it.

6. Name 3 places you would go to if money was not an option.

  1. Detroit, USA
  2. Lake Baikal, Russia
  3. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

7. How do you stay healthy on a long trip?

I'm always healthier in a long trip than even at home.

First, I cook salads and peel fruits at home (if we rent an apartment, and we mostly do).
Second, I walk a lot.
And third, I have so many ways to find an inspiration that I write quite a lot. And that is my healthiest condition.

8. Have you taken classes when you’ve visited a place and how was the experience?

Yes I did!

I went to San Sebastian to study in el Aula Azul for two weeks. It was the best learning experience in my life I think. San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, it is quite similar to my St. Petersburg. And the school is amazing.

9. If you could pick one place to retire, where would it be?

Somewhere with a bunch of active people to ensure I'll get plenty of energy from them instead of lacking it.

Europe maybe... if they drop asking visas from Russians.

10. Which celebrity would you choose to travel with and why?

Again, let's start with the definition of 'celebrity'.
I think, any person whom I don't know personally but adore his work will count.
Then I'd like to travel with Semen Pavlyuk because I enjoy reading about his trips to Middle East and Africa and so on.

Now, it's finally my turn to ask questions and to pick out those who will consider answering them.

Ten questions!

  1. Why do you travel?
  2. What is the country/city you keep returning to and why haven't you moved there yet?
  3. Do you have certain thing without which you wouldn't jump on the airplane?
  4. What to read for inspiration if I go to your favorite destination for my first time?
  5. Who is your favorite travel photographer and why?
  6. Do you prefer trains over airplanes?
  7. Which city you've seen and didn't like and now you wish you could give it a second chance?
  8. What is your favorite airport for connecting flights and why?
  9. Describe your best day from your last trip!
  10. What was your first travel you loved so much you cannot forget it?

Ten bloggers!

  1. Erika of
  2. Marco of
  3. Olga of
  4. Dhwani of
  5. Katerina of
  6. Chase of
  7. Kseniya of
  8. Saigo of
Please join if you'd like!
And with than said, you are free to write in any language :)


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  2. Love your answers, Elena! Especially the part about travelling for inspiration and for yourself. Brilliantly put! Thank you for participating ;)

  3. Thank you, Lena! :)