Mishka bar (St. Petersburg)

Yesterday I was meeting friends and when some of them wanted to dance, a girl said: 'Let's go to Mishka bar'. I thought I could drop a line about it because I've heard good words about it (and Tripadvisor agrees).

They have tumblr blog of upcoming events and as I assume that's the place to dance with friendly people around and nice DJs playing all night long. Oh yes, and Mishka means teddy-bear.

And one another advice. The popular night scene of St. Petersburg is also pretty much crowded around Dumskaya ulitsa, it's close to Nevsky and Gostinyi dvor, right in the center of the city. There are always at least 4 bars, though their names are changing. Any night you will find there someone to drink or dance with. They could be students or office workers, they will smile and jump around.

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