Bless of central heating

People think Russians are highly frost-resisting people.
It's not quite so.

Weather outside; yes.

We can resist it up to -50 Celsium in certain regions and -15 but windy in other which could be even worse (because weather feels cold or warm not only because of temperature but of many factors such as humidity and wind etcetera).

Weather indoors; NOPE.

Central heating is the thing we rely on a lot. It is turned on from maybe october or november (there are rules of something like "when it's four consecutive days when the weather is below something" but in fact every building or pack of buildings can turn it on when they want to) and turned off on May holidays (and people are always complaining either that it SHOULD be turned on/off earlier, either later. Never satisfied).

So when it's -25 outside or -5, inside it's about +25. People wear t-shirts and walk barefoot. Many of my friends admit that they sleep naked during the winter. Because it's really hot indoors. So you wear a lot on the street but when you're home, you're happy and relaxed and clothes are not needed. Some people sleep with window a bit opened to get some fresh air and combining with heating and thick blanket, it's warmer than...

I've been to some european countries during winter season. Oh my, how cold is there in winter. Not outside. For example, when in Lisbon in February I rented a room and I was sleeping with wool gloves and scarf on. Or when in Barcelona last February I had to buy huge wool socks to walk inside my hotel room because it was pure ice.

So we Russians do not like to live in +10 temperature in our home. +25 is better.
If you have central heating, you can eat ice cream outside in the very snow storm. Because you later come home and sleep naked in the warm air.

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