Are there really many Lenin statues in Russia?

Yes sure. Many have been removed but still there are a lot.

First, nearly every city and town and village has its Lenin street or Lenin avenue or Lenin square or all three. On the Lenin square there must have been a certain monument. If the street have been renamed, it would be Center st. in most cases (Tsentral'naya).

Second, as many factories had Lenin statues they still do. These Lenins are smaller and cuter.

Third, there are a lot of mosaics in the underground. Here you see the mosaic picture in the hall of "Biblioteka imeni Lenina" ("The library named by Lenin") underground station in Moscow.

This is small bust of Lenin which is likely to see in many Russian apartments because they were very popular in Soviet times and people do not through them out. They were made from cast iron and are quite heavy. Some use them as paperweight.

I think people nowadays do not notice these things a lot. They just exist around them. So we actually don't think about huge amount of history pieces left after "father of workers".

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