Tourists, please stay away from Kyrgyzstan… or not!

One of ex-USSR countries named Kyrgyzstan could be an interesting destination if you'd like to try something new close to Russia.

This Claire Robinson's post reveals why is that so:
During my 10 days outside of the capital city Bishkek, I believe I crossed path with no more than 40 travelers from the western countries! Tourism is really at its infancy, a situation I had never experienced before in my frequent travels and I loved it. So now I am worried things will change. What will happen when the world realizes the beauty of Kyrgyzstan and mass tourism hits this little country?

One of the things I loved the most during my trip was meeting the Kyrgyz people. There are so few tourists, that the locals are intrigued by you. They want to know more about you, where you come from and they always ask how beautiful you think Kyrgyzstan is. There is no money involve just meaningful exchanges with children and adults. And if you can show them pictures of their own country, they are ecstatic!

I want the world to see Kyrgyzstan's beauty and meet its people

I know tourism give developing countries’ populations access to better sanitary conditions. And I want that for them. But will they resist the call of money when they realize the traveler’s wealth?

I have decided to share the beauty of Kyrgyzstan. I want the world to see it and realize a simple life surrounded by family and nature is all we need.

I just hope that the Kyrgyz will be able to protect their country, their landscapes and their culture, that they will not be influenced too much by our money-oriented western ways.

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