Dangerous minibus drivers (octopuses)

I don't agree when people say it's bad that big russian cities are full of people coming from former USSR countries to work. They have to take jobs where russians would not like to work and for all I know, they work hard. For example, minibus driver has to do following things, sometimes at once:
- drive safely
- collect cash and give the change back
- pick up passengers from the road (not only bus stops) when they wave a hand to him
- listen to what passengers shout in the bus (please stop at the corner! open back door! stop at the Mayakovskaya street! I asked for another crossroad! etc)

I know I would not like to work like that because it's tough. Car owners hate these drivers (and some drivers speak russian poorly so it's even harder for them because passengers start being angry) because they do not drive perfectly plus they have to sneak between cars to let people go off the bus where they've asked for. All in all, it's a mess.

And it looks a bit like in India.

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