SpottersByLocals come to St. Petersburg... not without my help!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about making the life of the foreign tourist in my fav city better and easier. That's why I started this blog. But also that's why I ran into the twitter post 'Spotters needed in St. Petersburg' and joined SBL team in Russia. Yesterday our cityblog went online and I'm so proud.

This is it: Experience Saint Petersburg like a local.
The website is all about exploring small treasures of a big city, sharing experiences and making yourself comfortable in a cyrillic-based space. There are three girls (so far), including me, who write for the St. Petersburg's blog. And we compete a little because there are cool places to tell about and each of us does hurry up to be the first to write them down!

And that's my profile with all my articles (wait, there will be more; now it's about twenty something, I worked on them during this summer).

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