Do people in Russia like to camp and hike?

Anne from Alaska asked:
Do people in Russia like to camp and hike (or are the cabins or dachas still how people vacation)?
There are so many people in Russia! Working people usually have about 4 weeks of vacations every year. By the law one part of this vacation every year should be not shorter than 2 weeks, and other time could be used as you wish, up to one free day at a time.

This means that every working Russian has at least 2 weeks of continuous vacation. There are several ways of spending it.

1. Sitting at home

This way of resting is very common now due to currency jumping and high prices. This is really sad. Some people also are not able to afford any type of vacation because of their relatives, kids or whatever. So they run errands and try to do something nice at home.

2. Dacha vacation

As you've mentioned, many Russians in big cities have dachas, or summer houses in green suburbs. They grow some veggies there, they swim in local river and get suntan, read, meet friends and pick dandelions. I never had dacha so I went to my friends' one.

3. Beach vacation

Some people get too tired at work and are unable to do anything during vacation. They buy 'all inslusive' or at least 'HB' ticket to a hotel on the beach (Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, Cuba, Thailand are the most popular destinations). They eat, sleep, drink cocktails, go sightseeing, sometimes rent a car. Meet new people. Take selfies. You know.

4. Travel abroad

Some people (including myself) go traveling instead of laying on the beach. I personally am allergic to sun so it's easy to choose the way of resting. I like walking down the cities, get to know local people, learn new cultures.

5. Hiking

Some people miss nature. They pick a tent and go hiking for the vacation. I know some of them who have seasonal work so they can live in a tent with friends nearly all the summer. Instagram tags "поход" (hiking) and "палатка" (tent) can show you come of hiking faces.

As an addition, I'll show some vacation pictures from family album.

My mom is hiking in the mountains (I think it's taken around '70s):

Some dacha:

My grandmother making funny face on the beach:

My mom's friends hiking:

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