Shashlyks (russian barbecue)

Have you ever eaten shashlyk (here's wikipedian proof of the name used) or are you still starving?

This is the main summer weekend russian activity - gather with friends, bring some alcoholic beverages (beer or vodka in general but I prefer wine) and cook meat on the fire like in good old prehistorical times.

Though cooking at home is left for women in Russia, shashlyk meat preparing is exclusively booked for male guests. This time we had two enormous pots of mayo chicken and mustard pork gently prepared by one or our friends.

It all went well, the weather was amazing, we sat at the Ladoga lake shore near the lighthouse and listened to wave whispering, had meal and drinks and fun.

I strongly believe that the best shashlyk piece is the first one. Later you just eat, and the first, long-expected piece, you savour big time.

Look, that's me!

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