Useful Russian superstitions

People around me do really believe that...

  • If someone is not recognized when seen or heard, he or she will be rich. So if someone calls you on the phone and you don't recognize them you can cheer them up by telling them they'll be rich.
  • If you have the hiccups, someone is remembering you at this moment. And if you guess the person right, it will stop.
  • If your nose itches, you'll be drinking soon.
  • If your ears or cheeks are hot, someone is thinking or talking about you (usually speaking ill).
  • If someone sneezes while telling something, it means he or she is telling the truth.
  • If you find a bay leaf in your soup while eating, it means you'll get mail from someone.
  • If you wear clothes (such as an undershirt) inside out, you will get beaten. Your friend should point this out, wait for you to fix the clothes and then punch you symbolically.
  • If you accidentally said something that you in reality do not want to happen (like "we may have an earthquake next week"), fix the situation by knocking three times over something wooden.

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