What is not usual in Russia?

When I read a letter from Erica, my US pen-pal and friend (hi Erica!) or when I scroll through my Instagram feed, I understand there are things in the world that seem normal to everybody but not usual at all here. Here they (well, some of them) are.

1) Baseball

I never watched a game. I do not know the rules. I even am not sure if I am interested to understand such complicated rules and all the glossary. It seems for me to be like curling or water polo!

2) Bacon for the breakfast

Well, I have no habit of having large breakfast (more like a grapefruit or smoothie and coffee) but mostly in Russia people do not eat bacon. There are some sophisticated courses in non-cheap restaurants that consist of chicken breast wrapped into bacon leaves but breakfast? Scrambled eggs (maybe with tomatoes of greenery), porridge or cornflakes with milk, vegetables... In short, there are more Russians eating for breakfast soup or meat with garnish on breakfast (especially if they work physically hard) than those who make bacon.

3) Peanut butter

Heard of it, but never saw in the supermarket or in real life. Something like Nuttela I think?

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